empty handed, but still well hearted!

So you thought I wouldn’t show myself after the unforgettable defeat against our Spanish sister?

Breathless, speechless, anxious, nervous, thrilled, amazed… I could go on with the adjectives that describe the mixed emotions that invaded me during the match against IESE last Saturday. But first things first, let me talk a little bit about our older brothers. The Alumni demonstrated courage and heart in their game against the Students. To tell you the truth, they surprised me in a positive way. LBS Students had a hard time to defeat the Alumni but finally did after winning 3-1. The score may not be telling the entire truth about the match but IESE sent the Alumni home after two matches in a row.

Now to the main dish: IESE. Or should I say we were their main course… let’s just see what happened for a moment.

IESE started winning the game before starting playing. LBS guys, you looked more like frightened cats than like lions. But everything started to unwind after the first half where IESE was still winning 2-1. The only goal for LBS had come from a beautiful play that Panagiotis concluded successfully.

The second half was a totally different movie. It had action, suspense, drama, comedy… and may I say even romance. But London Business School’s guys played their hearts out and showed what the cold has been hiding for months now. London’s heat is in its players.  After conceding two goals to IESE, London Business School performed a heroic comeback and the game ended 3-3.

The penalties are another story which I leave to your imagination.

Ruben R.- Coming in from the Cold!

Federico M.- Unfortunate on the penalty kicks.

Jerome C.- Was the IESE Jerome fast? I think so.

Chris P.- No rain, no sliding?

Daniel V.- Did you see number 16? O melhor jogador de IESE

Luis B.- The Wall!

Mykel S.- Party allowance granted.

Stasis K.- Stas is back!

Fabrizio B.- Shit happens… did the ref give you an orange card?

Lorenzo B.- Piano, piano… vederle in Barcellona.

Vicente M.- All the way from Cambridge!

Nuno M.- Oh, yes! A+ in Football Strategy my friend.

Tomás A.- I think you left your heart in the pitch! And some elbows on their faces.

Panagiotis P.- Beautiful goals, Malaka!

Germán B.- Your goal celebration was heard in Barcelona.

Kobby A.- Do you know where spiders sleep? Exactly, where you put the ball in the 3rd goal!

Nimo, the Football Commentator


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