London, we bring the Cranfield cup home!

Let’s begin with some statistics: the average height of Cranfield players was 6.2 ft. while LBS’ players is 5.8 ft. So strategically LBS had to keep the ball on the ground. However, the pitch was a muddy battlefield which made it very hard for LBS to display its beautiful football. I will not go into the specifics of the game because I have to help out some guys with their applications (you know MBAs).

LBS brought the cup home. They defeated 2-0 and both goals came during the 20 last minutes of the game. “El Matador” Berrondo and Germán scored, but the effort as a whole is what counts (including that of the LBS Women Football Team that cheered throughout the entire game, thanks ladies!). LBS showed that when football doesn’t appear it is their guts that gets them ahead of their opponent.

LBS Football Team Congratulations!

Fede M.– The businessman of the team… £30 up. Congrats on Nomura!

Luis Ba.– Your moves in the V.I.P. are like Vilhena’s in Gisneyland.

Matt. S.– Was it a penalty? I don’t think so… well deserved MVP of the match.

Mykel S.– Are you sure your human? Mr. Rocket shoots!

Daniel V.– Savior of the day! BTW the tie was supposed to be black, not blue.

Jie Z.– Xièxie, your chinese experience is always welcome!

Stasis K.– Probably not your best game… but left you life in each play.

Nuno M.– You brought some thinking into the game. Oh, your bad boy face scared the hell out of me!

Tomás A.– The bulldozer. An advice, if you want to punch one of them, make sure it’s the right guy.

Lorenzo B.– The Italian Stallion… revenge is a dish best served cold

Vicente M.– Chilean talent spilt everywhere in the field… have a smoke?

Germán B.– Do your legs hurt? Mine do! BTW I think the defender wanted to have your shirt.

Luis Be.– Some strikers are just like that… two touches and score.

Rubén R.– A revelation up front. Didn’t score, but will next time!

Oh, yes LBS Football Team you are my source of inspiration… and I can’t live without you! So for those who understand me and for the curious… this video is for you. Ken leee, tulibu dibu douchooooo!

Nimo, the Football Commentator


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3 Responses to “London, we bring the Cranfield cup home!”

  1. Lorenzo Bianchi Says:

    Mr. Berrondo reminded me Pippo Inzaghi in his best years.

    Great job guys!! LBS Men’s Football Team rocks!

    Now let’s focus on our next match against IESE and the alumni. This will be a great test for MBAT!!!

  2. Daniel Vilhena Says:

    Thought the tie was supposed to be dark…

    Great game guys, great game!

  3. Jie Zhou Says:

    So happy to play with the team yesterday, amazing playing and beautiful night! Wish to play more with the team!

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