a summary of last Sunday’s game…

9 vs 9…
It is said that the game started off pretty tight for both teams but opportunities came along within the second half of the game. Lorenzo “Lavezzi” kicked a perfect corner that was connected by Germán “Why did you shave your hair?”, who scored on his face, and by ‘his’ I mean the unbeatable Nuno “Alves”. This goal opened a whole new world of opportunities for both teams but it was not until the arrival of Tomás “Sánchez” Aguirre that the yellow team (YT) scored a magnificent goal where almost all the team touched the ball. This special mention is for the Chilean guy that promises that his country will surprise a lot of people during the South Africa World Cup 2010. Mr. Tomás your “paloma” (diving header) was outstanding!
Soon we saw how the YT turned the score round in just a few minutes. There were yellow shirts everywhere… meanwhile on the other side of town we could hear Daniel shouting “Malaka, Malaka” while Panagiotis was trying to score. Some YT goals after, the fake Italian guy (Germán) finished the match with the golden goal after a beautiful play from Panagiotis.

Colour Team

Gbenga F.– I don’t know what’s so funny about not being a goalkeeper?
Daniel V.– Are you the owner of the Windsor?
Chris P.– I know you love sliding on the wet grass… and I love it when you do so.
Tomislav B.– Great Croatian talent displayed! Watch out for that knee.
Germán B.– Did you purposely match your shirt with your pants?
Luis Be.– Thank you Bafana Bafana for sending him back.
Panagiotis P.– Socrates would define it as “Football Deluxe”.
Lorenzo B.– Il vero sangue italiano!
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Yellow Team

Nuno M.– Need any more bricks for that Wall you built?
Flavio LG.– Argentinean talent in running shoes.
Ahmed S.– Come more often! Could you organise a football tour to Dubai?
Tomás A.– What more can we say after your goal?
Felipe V.– Brazilian shirts are allowed.

Imran A.– We need more Pakistanis like you in the team!

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Nimo, the Football Commentator


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